Why you should start using an ab machine

You may be confused by the big rubber balls you see in gyms. You know they are for some form of exercise, but you never actually see people using them or know why they are so critical for a good ab work out. An abs exercise machine is first of a softer material than the floor you will also be able to switch up your work out routine in a very new way and use muscles you have not been able to target.


The floor is still a good and common place to work out since not everything can be done on a machine. The machine’s safety should be matched when working on the floor, though. Do this by getting a rubber floor mat. Good ab machines for home absorb a lot of shocks and cushion your spine or stomach. For this reason, you can get a much better work out because it is safer and you can concentrate more instead of just wondering when you can stop.


It also provides a great variation on some exercises which your body may have gotten used to doing the normal way. For example, crunches are good to give you a defined center, but you can only do them for so long on the floor before your body gets uncomfortable and stops benefiting. What you should do instead is use the machine.


With your lower back against the ab machine, you lean backward. Keep your feet planted firmly on the floor and your legs extended more outward on a diagonal. You need a good foot hold for this. With your arms behind your head, start doing crunches. You will find that your abs need to be much more in control than when you are on the floor. You cannot get away with just lifting up your neck here.


This is why they are so beneficial for ab work outs. Many people who are stable on the floor just do their exercises quickly to say they did them. The machine insists upon you doing it slowly and correctly, otherwise, you lose your balance. By making your abs control your movement, they will get a maximum workout. This is the start of building a six pack. It all begins with quality over speed.


Push ups can be great machine exercises as well. There are already tons of variations on push ups, and this is one more. You lay on the machine on your stomach with your arms touching the floor in front of you. You keep your body rigid and your legs out straight behind you. The machine should roll back and forth a bit as you go up and down.


You keep your legs as straight out behind you as you can and do slow push ups. These will, of course, shape your arms, chest, and back. However because you are laying on the machine, your arms will be contracted to help you maintain balance and control your up and down movement. You will be using both your arms and stomach in equal measure to move yourself.


You will find that exercising with a machine is a ton of fun and can reduce a lot of strain on your body. You will be healthier, enjoy yourself more, and can reduce the risk of injury. It is important to work with a trainer since not all things you can think to do with an exercise machine are necessarily conducive to a good work out.