Things to look out for when donating used clothing

There are many reasons to donate clothes, and if you want to do this, you need to know exactly how to do it. The truth is that if we do not know how to sacrifice, we can not sacrifice at all! That’s why I gathered this little guide to help you donate clothes that you no longer wear.

Having a place to send donations to clothes was half the battle for our family. From time to time we found a needy family that can benefit from our unnecessary items. However this can be a very touching subject for parenting, and some people have hung in wearing clothes, or they feel like a charitable event If you try to give them something. The presence of a trading institution that welcomes donations to clothes solves all these problems for us and eliminates guesswork.

What do I need to donate clothes? You need your old clothes (or accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc.) And a few plastic bags or boxes for their input!

Before you donate your clothes

1) First, you need to sort your wardrobe. This is the hardest part for most people, and you need to be honest with yourself about things that do not suit you, those things that you never wear, those new items that you bought and never used. Most likely, someone, somewhere, will be able to benefit from this clothing much more than you do, so donate them now!

2) Now you need to prepare clothes for donation. You could just give them to them, but if you are self-conscious and eco-friendly, then you should be pleased! Clean everything that is dirty, you can wipe the shoes, wash clothes and so on. It just makes it easier for all volunteers who are going to sort their clothes.

3) It’s time to pack your clothes. Try neatly folding them in a bag or box, ready for donation.

Now you are ready to sacrifice

There are several ways to donate clothes that you have so graciously prepared:

Bottles for clothes – this is a convenient option, which can be found on high streets, in supermarkets and much more. All you need to do is put a bag of clothing through the right hole (the box probably will not do).

Charity stores are trendy and popular, as it allows you to choose the specific reason that you want to support. Do not just leave your clothes behind the door, go there, and give it to the volunteer, so they stay in good condition.

Internet – there is a solution for everything online, so do a quick search and find a site that will do something better with your old clothes that you can! We recommend Pick Up Please as they will come to your house and collect for free!


Are you still not sure that you should donate clothes? Then go to some eco-friendly fashion blogs to read why this will help so many people, including yourself. And in just a few hours of work! In short, donations to clothing can benefit everyone. This is something significant, and our family will continue to do so.

Clothing Bins – These are a convenient option, found on high streets, at supermarkets and more. All you need to do is pop the bag of clothes through the right hole (a box probably won’t do).

Charity Shops – A very common and popular option, as this lets you choose the individual cause that you wish to support. Don’t just leave the clothes outside of the door, walk in and hand them to the volunteer to ensure they stay in good condition.

The Internet – There is a solution to everything online, so do a quick search and find a site that will do something better with your old clothes that you can!