The Cost of Learning the Violin


There are so many reasons as to why people would like to take lessons on how to play violin. To some of them, the violin is the musical instrument which is why they would like to learn how to play it. Some other people would like to follow a music idol that plays the violin while others would just want to learn so that one day they could be great musicians. Learning how to play the violin is an investment. Many people, however, do not realize how much investment exactly must be made for them to achieve their goals. The exact cost of violin lessons for children is determined by the area that you are in and also the period for which you would like your lessons to run. Hourly costs vary in most areas ranging from thirty to eighty dollars per hour or more. The costs depend on the location, the studio and also teacher credentials.

Violin lessons are classified into two types. These are:

Private lessons – these lessons start at around fifteen to thirty-five dollars per hour. However, if the teachers have special qualifications like advanced degrees or experience playing in a prestigious orchestra the costs can range from forty to a hundred dollars per hour. If you want to take longer lessons, the lessons will be priced proportionately.

Group lessons – group lessons are good additions to private lessons. They are not, however, sufficient alone for learning to play the violin. These lessons are typically for younger students, and they run about twenty to forty-five dollars per hour. These costs can also increase depending on the strategic location that you are in.

Among the two types of violin lessons, private lessons are the most preferred to group lessons. This is because, in private lessons, a trained teacher provides immediate feedback and encouragement to the students. The teacher may also review assignments, listen to the students play, comment, explain the theory that is involved in a particular exercise or play an assignment so that the student can listen to it performed with proper technique and styling. Moreover, the teacher can give the student an assignment to practice before the next lesson.

Factor affecting the cost of private lessons

There are some factors that affect the prices of private violin lessons. Some of these factors include the following:

i. Instructor qualification – teachers who have advanced degrees or specialties tend to charge a higher price for the lessons. Since the violin is a challenging instrument to master, it is important to find a professional with experience and expertise.

ii. The proficiency level of the student – beginner students, are usually charged less than experienced musicians. However, as their skills develop, plans on paying more should be underway.

iii. The period – the duration that a lesson takes also dictates the cost of the lesson. For beginners, lessons should take a period of thirty to forty-five minutes while the skilled usually have their lessons running for one hour.

iv. The area you are in – violin lesson prices are high where there is a high cost of living and relatively less where the cost of living is less.


Even though learning violin may seem a little bit expensive, there are certain rewards that you can gain from picking up lessons. Money is not everything. You can play the violin to your loved ones and bring happiness and joy to their lives. For this reason, you should enjoy learning violin.