Terrific ideas for baby shower gifts

Whether someone you know is having a first baby or adding another to the family, certain gifts are more appreciated than just another bib. Of course, babies do go through bibs at a record pace, so think about including one as part of your gift. Here are someĀ terrific ideas for baby shower gifts:

Keepsake gifts, especially ones that are personalised, are always an excellent choice. The variety is only as limited as your imagination. There are keepsake boxes that preserve things like the first lock of hair or those amazing sonogram photos. Maybe you prefer to send a personalised blanket or a monogrammed outfit. New parents always love something that has baby’s name on it or an item that will become a unique treasure forever.

Gift baskets make great gifts for a variety of reasons. You can select one has a blue theme for a baby boy, pink for a baby girl or neutral colours if the gender is unknown and the gift is for a baby shower. The baskets can hold anything from receiving blankets and hooded towels to practical items like onesies, booties, teething rings and a soft cuddly toy to keep baby happy. For corporate gifts, neighbourhood gifts or any combination of people who want to go in together, gift baskets allow you to select something that pleases everyone. Since the baskets come in all price ranges and contain a variety of items, there is always one that is perfect.

Diaper cakes! No, they’re not something to eat. Most diaper cakes begin with a layer of disposable diapers that form the base of the ‘cake.’ From there the designer creates two, three or more layers of useful items for the new parents. Typically there will be washcloths and towels, bibs, booties, teething toys, plush toys, pacifiers, a feeding bottle and more. Many are created around a theme, such as a cartoon character, and they make a beautiful centrepiece for a baby shower. It’s a great way to decorate and have a gift with only one purchase. There are always selections for twins or triplets, too.

Baby rockers are a more practical gift than just a baby carrier. They have all of the same amenities such as colourful fabric, stimulating toys and a hood to keep baby protected from too much room light or sunlight. The plus is that parents can gently rock the baby with varying degrees of movement – or it can be stopped completely.

Rocking horses and child-sized rocking chairs are gifts to consider when the baby has older brothers or sisters. No doubt the parents will still have many of the items needed for a newborn, such as clothes, blankets, baby bottles, baby furniture, car seats, etc. Instead of duplicating things that aren’t needed, consider a gift that baby can grow into. If baby’s name is painted or embroidered on the horse or chair that makes it just that much more special. Give the older brother or sister a chance to briefly enjoy the gift with the understanding that it’s to be put away for when the baby is old enough to use it. Depending on the age of the older children, you may find that you have to purchase one of these unique gifts for them, too!

Don’t forget baby’s siblings. Many parents find that siblings begin to exhibit negative behaviour when their new brother or sister comes home from the hospital. Typically, this is a jealous reaction, since they are no longer the one getting the attention. One terrific idea is to have grandparents, aunts and uncles and other close friends bring a gift to the sibling(s) when they bring a gift for the newborn.

Newborns love to be the centre of attention, but their memory doesn’t kick in until they’re approaching two years of age