Cost of Furnace Repair

It can be very annoying for to find yourself in a freezing living room because the furnace has malfunctioned and just won’t work. What’s even worse is having to deal with the costs, which can at times be quite high depending on what needs to be fixed. Let us look at how expensive furnace repair can actually be.

A furnace repair is bound to cost you about $300 with most owners paying between $160 and $400, even with the cheaper rates at Calgary Furnace Repair online. There are some factors that lead to varying costs. For instance, if the furnace is still under warranty then that means that the cost of the parts is covered though one may still have to pay for the service. For furnaces not under warranty, the cost varies with the problem. It is therefore advisable to take good care of your furnace to eliminate extra costs. However, if the furnace is really old, then the owner should consider replacing it.

Some of the common repairs that incur large costs include ignition and flame sensors, thermostats and furnace motors. Problems with ignitor and flame sensors incur costs of up to $400. The main problem is that when they fail, the tend to short out the circuit board which leads to a chain reaction of more repairs. The good thing is that with regular maintenance, it is possible to reduce this cost to even half of the repair cost. The thermostat is another common repair because if there’s no heat, then the first thing anyone would check is the thermostat. More often than not the problem is dead batteries and all you have to do is put some new ones. However, if need be, a thermostat replacement may be just what the doctor ordered, and this could go for as low as $20 or as high as $200 depending on the type of thermostat. The most serious problem has got to be a dead furnace motor. For such a part, the only thing that can save the furnace is the replacement of the motor which is bound to cost between $400 and $700.
This is coupled with the fact that repairmen may not always have the right motor for your furnace, which is bound to add costs.

To lower the overall cost of furnace repairs, one should consider some tips. First of all, having a furnace tune up every year will reduce costs. Just like any other appliance, maintenance is key. Having a tune up reduces the risk of encountering minor issues that gradually worsen over time. Identifying the potential problem in time will mean that the owner may not have to deal with huge costs in the name of repair. Another thing to consider is changing the furnace filters regularly. Now, the buildup of dirt is bound to block the airflow which deteriorates the heating performance of the furnace. If you do not change the filter, the buildup will lead to a bigger problem, and you just might have to call the repairman and deal with the huge costs. In order to prevent this, all you have to do is simple. Change the furnace filters.

Any furnace owner is going to have to do some repairs from time to time and knowing the cost of the repairs and even prevention of serious problems will go a long way in helping them deal with the prices.