Common problems people face with air conditioners

You are melting in your house because the air conditioner doesn’t function. Even though there are very simple reasons that could have caused the outage, some are just too technical and would prompt repair from a qualified technician. Nevertheless, if you are daring enough, you will realize that some problems can be fixed at home with the available instruments.

Here are some notes on common problems people face with air conditioners:

1. Air conditioner not working

This is a common problem that most people face when they look for Mr Cool air conditioning cypress. The leading cause for this is improperly done wiring that can short circuit the whole system. Bad wiring will create a power surge which burns the circuit breaker.

If the thermostat is faulty, the AC won’t work. The thermostat is a device that automatically detects external temperature and causes the AC to respond by heating or to cool the room. The thermostat should always be set at or slightly below normal room temperature and checked to have working batteries.

If changing the batteries doesn’t work even if the AC is in working condition then a professional should be phoned to do repairs.

2. No cool air is blown by the AC

If the AC is running, but no changes felt depending on environmental conditions, the air filters should be checked for blocks and trapped dirt. Trapped dirt will hinder air flow and can potentially cause ice to form within the AC. Ice in the AC will stop many of its components such as the air handler and the air condenser. Before the situation gets that bad, ensure the air filters are regularly cleaned.

The second reason could be a non-functional AC blower belt. There is no shortcut to this other than replacement on the air handler section. Afterwards, grease the blowers and any mechanical parts if need be

3. Leaks from the air conditioner

If there are leaks from the AC, then it means that you are losing your refrigerant. A refrigerant is a liquid within your AC that controls excess temperature while it is running. If there is any loss in refrigerant temperature will not be adequately regulated causing overheating. All leaks should be located ASAP and repaired. Additionally, having your refrigerant charged but will not last more than few months.

4. AC doesn’t turn on

If there is such a problem, it could also mean internal wiring could be faulty and needs to be looked into.

Obviously, low power from your supplier will not allow the AC to be turned on, or if it turns on will turn itself off after a short while. If the problem isn’t caused by low voltage, it may be the thermostat that won’t respond to heat changes and need replacement soon.

5. AC won’t turn off

If the AC achieves the temperature set at the thermostat but still doesn’t turn off, it could be having a problem, or the wiring was not well done. You can use the circuit breaker to turn it off although you put your AC into very many risks. The thermostat is badly damaged and should be replaced as soon as possible.

So that you don’t have yourself in trouble, seek qualified help from technicians or people with the proper know-how. You can contact the manufacturer for speedy support.